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Finally at Home

I was in Invercargill hospital for nearly 2 weeks just lying on my back not able to move, once the side effects from the trauma started to subside they decided to put a brace on me which allowed me to be a little more mobile.

It was probably the worst time I could have broken my back because it means I miss out on the rest of the race season but Dad tells me I should feel lucky as if it had been 20mm higher I may never have walked again. Now I’m just chilling at home until I can sit up long enough to be able to go back to work, I can only stand and sit for a small amount of time (but I am trying to make it longer each day) before it becomes too painful and I have to lie down. At the moment my left leg and foot are not quite functioning properly as there appears to be a little nerve damage (hey it’s only the clutch foot anyway) but I’m still yet to see my doctors up in Auckland, hopefully when I do ill have more good news to tell you.

I would like to thank every who has sent me there best wishes, I was so shocked to see how many people actually cared so much about me, it was a nice surprise. And thank you to Jamie McCarthy and Shaun Summerfield for the piece they did for me on TV3 Gillette Motorsport while I was in hospital watching the racing from Timaru.

Also I would like to thank, all the doctors and nurses from Invercargill hospital that took such great care of me, they made my stint in hospital bearable.

As far as my Ideal Standard / Mainline Construction Race Ute is concerned we will have an announcement to make in the next few days once all the details have been finalised and our sponsors have been briefed.

Thank you for your continued support and wishes